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Tribute to my dad  / Cheryl Tracy Lawson (Daughter)  Read >>
Tribute to my dad  / Cheryl Tracy Lawson (Daughter)
As I remember my dad on this first Memorial Day after his passing, I am sad... yet I rejoice in the life that he lived, the friends he had, and the time we shared as father and daughter. I remember those years before college that my father and I seemed to disagree about everything. (Especially my curfew, boys, and.. well boys) :-) Then, the moment he drove away from dropping me off at Southern University we talked on the phone almost daily and often several times a day. Later, he explained to me that he saw a lot of himself in his daughter and that scared him.

A Kind-Hearted - Opinionated - Risk Taker.

That is me and that was my dad. Not always the best combination since people will either take advantage of your kindness, be offended by your opinion, or be jealous that you are willing to take risks in life. No matter though, that was my dad until his last day.

My father was a man who made people smile even when he didn't feel like smiling.
My father was a man who gave of his talents even when people were not able to pay.
My father was a man who honored his friends.
My father was a man loved his wife of 47 years.
My father was a man who cherished his children and all of his family.

On this Memorial Day, I remember my father Curtis L. Lawson.

I Love and miss you Da,

AKA "Dolly" Close
Tribute To Curtis  / Vivian Clark-Adams (Family Friend )  Read >>
Tribute To Curtis  / Vivian Clark-Adams (Family Friend )
I will remember and cherish Curtis for many reasons. First, Curtis had one of the most brilliant minds I have ever encountered. At the North Tulsa Historical Society meetings in particular, I was amazed at his memory and grasp of historical facts. Also, Curtis would propose some of the most controversial interpretations of historical events, but they made perfect sense. He changed my way of thinking many times.

Secondly, Curtis was a man of firm beliefs and high standards. He respected people as people, not for their titles or status. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him "bring down" a number of high and mighty individuals.

Thirdly, Curtis had a great sense of humor and a knack for storytelling. His jokes had me rolling in the aisles. His stories had me mesmerized.

Fourthly, Curtis extended a helping hand whenever he could. He also was very wise and had great advice to share. He and his lovely wife, LaVerne, helped Major's daughter more times than I can count.

Finally, Curtis was a very close friend of my loving father, Major Clark, who I adored. Curtis and his wonderful family were and are part of our extended family.

Curtis, THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU. You are loved and missed very much. Keep them laughing in Heaven.

Vivian Clark-Adams
my uncle  / Ekow Bonzie Jr. (nephew)  Read >>
my uncle  / Ekow Bonzie Jr. (nephew)
uncle curtis was like a grandfather to me after my grandfather died, and he always had a smile on my face. i love him and i will always remember what him and aunt lavern did for me. they supported me on watever i did. i miss seeing him i love you uncle curtis Close
Missin you Unc...  / Zak Bonzie (Ugly Nephew )  Read >>
Missin you Unc...  / Zak Bonzie (Ugly Nephew )
Whether you realized it or not Unc, you were like a grandfather to me. You and Aunt Laverne were always there when needed no questions asked. I appreciate your humor and everything I've ever learned from you. Maybe one day I'll realize how to be like my Uncle Curtis and look good for the females out there. I love you Unc. with all my heart, and I miss you. -Zak Close
My good friend, comrad in arms & fellow soldier  / Curly Lawson (comrads in arms )  Read >>
My good friend, comrad in arms & fellow soldier  / Curly Lawson (comrads in arms )
Hello Ms Cheryl ,and the Lawson family) sorry to hear of the lost of my good friend, comrad in arms.&fellow soldier, We met in munich Germany 1956-1958, we served in the 11th airborne Div. 503rdabn inf Regiment, I was only 18yrs old, and i thought he was the smartest young man i ever met, I always figured he would be somebody doing great and have agreat family, He treated me like I was his brother, everybody liked him,/so funny and smart, wemade contac thru his brother at a funeral som years ago and always shared christmas cards every since, I will never forget as long as i live, so keep in touch, Love all of youand my heart is with you'all. Close
In memory of my Brother  / Davenia Lawson-Armstrong (Sister)  Read >>
In memory of my Brother  / Davenia Lawson-Armstrong (Sister)

There are so many pleasant memories of my brother Curt, for instant i still remember his dog tag number when he was in service, and the song that he taught me when he came home, i will just call it the Lula song.  I remember the patience he had when he helped me with my home work in school.  He was the pampering brother.  As an adult Curt was the encourager,  he would always say you can do it if you really want to.  He always made me laugh.  I miss him so much already but, I know I will see him again. 



Wow My Uncle Curt...  / Bradford C. Armstrong (Nephew)  Read >>
Wow My Uncle Curt...  / Bradford C. Armstrong (Nephew)
It is amazing what you remember in life. This I will NEVER forget. Uncle came to Chicago one year to do some legal work, and he brought ALL kinds of video cameras and like equipment with him. Whew, I thought I hit the Jackpot! He took me on my first trip back with him to Oklahoma - I can honestly say, I will never forgot my First Buffalo sandwhich, getting locked in a roadside bathroom, and last but not least a song about SHAVING CREAM, that will be with me forever. I know I must have drove him and Aunt Laverne KRAZY the week I stayed!! My uncle surely had the best spirit always. I loved him dearly.

Peace be with you...  / Rosalyn Jones (friend of the family )  Read >>
Peace be with you...  / Rosalyn Jones (friend of the family )
I never had the opportunity to meet Mr. Lawson.  I have, however, had the extraordinary pleasure of meeting and working with his incredible daughter, Cheryl.  All is not loss.  I consider it a blessing to know he was somehow reflected through her.  Smart.  Funny.  Hard-working.  Warrior.  My thoughts and prayers pour out to the entire Lawson family.  May your memories of him be etched in your hearts and minds forever.  Peace be with you.  Psalms 23. Close
Black History of Oklahoma w/Uncle Curtis  / Kimberly Coleman (Neice)  Read >>
Black History of Oklahoma w/Uncle Curtis  / Kimberly Coleman (Neice) Close
My Uncle  / Kim BER Ly Coleman (Neice)  Read >>
My Uncle  / Kim BER Ly Coleman (Neice)
Uncle Curtis

I will miss you so very much. You were a man of great knowledge and even greater humor. I shall always remember how you called me kim Ber ly. I am also glad that Chandler and Courtland got to know you and I shall never forget how Chandler found your picture in the Oklahoma City museum and proclaimed to my Mother and I with pride. " There is Uncle Curtis". We thank God for the time we spent with you and may God bless your memory.

Kim Close
Tribute to my Brother  / Marietta Coleman (Sister)  Read >>
Tribute to my Brother  / Marietta Coleman (Sister)

Dear Curt:  I shall always miss you but I thank God that you were put in my life.  When God need examples of how a big brother should be he put you here on earth to be that example.  Not only were you kind and loving to me but to my husband, children and grandchildren.  Amos (my husband was very fond of you he always insisted that we visit you.  When Byron (my son) was call to 5th street Baptist Church in Ok. City you were the first you and LaVerne to support and be there for him.  Last Summer at the family reunion Chandler (my grandson)led all of the family to the picture of you that hangs in the Oklahoma City Historical Museum.  Chandler beamed with so much pride as he said that's my Uncle Curtis he's important. Yes you are important to all you touched and came into your life.  You picture will hang there for all of future generations to see and know that there was once a man in our family who made a difference.  Go to your rest and I hope we shall meet again. Loving submitted by Marietta Coleman  Thanks Tracy 

Tribute to my favorite Uncle  / Wendy Lawson/Robinson (neice)  Read >>
Tribute to my favorite Uncle  / Wendy Lawson/Robinson (neice)

When I was sitting here daydreaming I remembered some fond moments of my favorite Uncle.

When we lived @ 133 S. 18th; he would always come to visit us by surprise and use the back door.  When I would ask him how he got there, he would say,"I parachuted from an airplane".  I would run out back to see if I saw any evidence of a plane or a parachute and of course there was none.  I believed that story until I was old enough to know better.(about 12)

Curt was such a great storyteller, and I was a captivated audience all the time.  He would have me cracking up about their house back in the woods and the outside toilet.  He was an avid typist with one finger on an old fashioned typewriter, where he would record some of his thoughts and some of them were not for my young eyes, but I read them anyway.  OOOWWEEE!

For a long time I was his favorite neice, because I was the only one.  He had a special name for me, so when the phone rang and it was from him I always expected to hear, "HeyLenh".  It was short for Lindy instead of Wendy, I don't know, go figure.

I will miss you Uncle Curt, I'll never forget you.